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Earn Your Booze

February 14, 2022 Bourbon With Friends Season 2 Episode 11
Bourbon With Friends
Earn Your Booze
Show Notes

In this episode of Bourbon With Friends. The guys sit down with Justin Cross, founder of Earn Your Booze. EYP is a Veteran Owned business. As you know the Bourbon With Friends crew are HUGE supporters of our amazing veteran community.  Earn Your Booze is anchored in hard work & self-investment, EYB is a global community of like-minded people who make no apologies for winning and celebrating our achievements. We talk about the brand, workouts and some of Justin's favorite whiskeys!

Below is a little bit more about the founder of Earn Your Booze Justin Cross. 
- Navy vet
- Former aerospace engineer (F-22, F-35) on classified programs
- Bachelors in technical management
- Ditched my masters in aeronautical science 3 classes before I was going to graduate because I left the rat maze of corporate life to start my own biz
- Father, stepfather and husband
- Also love whiskey, guns, manual labor and spending time with good people

You can purchase some of EYB's AMAZING swag on their website.

You can follow Earn Your Booze on Instagram


Justin Cross

Always support veteran owned businesses!