Bourbon With Friends

Aaron Chepenik - Smoke Wagon Bourbon

March 07, 2022 Bourbon With Friends Season 2 Episode 14
Bourbon With Friends
Aaron Chepenik - Smoke Wagon Bourbon
Show Notes

In this episode of Bourbon With Friends is presented by the Bourbon Charity Ball benefiting Folds of Honor. The guys sit down with Aaron Chepenik from Smoke Wagon Bourbon. 

Aaron talks about how Smoke Wagon started, where it's going and his thoughts about what makes Smoke Wagon Bourbon so Special. 

Smoke Wagon? Does that mean it's smokey? Smoke Wagon is actually old west slang for the 1873 Colt single action army revolver or "the gun that won the west". Our logo stamped in wax consists of two crossed Smoke Wagons over the state of Nevada. Below it is our motto and a quote from Seneca, bibamus moriendum est. The literal translation is "drink, for we must die" but the meaning is more along the lines of, drink and enjoy today because we won't be around forever. We can only assume Seneca meant to drink responsibly, of course.

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Hosted by The Kentucky Castle

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Bourbon With Friends Charity is a 501(c)(3) charity and The Kentucky Castle will host hundreds of members from the local community at our inaugural philanthropy event. The evening will be filled with dinner, dancing, drinks and live entertainment, as well as a silent and live auction. All net proceeds will benefit Folds of Honor: A non profit organization that provides educational scholarships to families of fallen or disabled soldiers.

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The event will be hosted at The Kentucky Castle in Versailles, KY on Saturday April 23, 2022